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My creative approach

I was born a graphic designer. As soon as I had a firm grip on a pencil crayon I was authoring and illustrating, creating and constructing. Thirty something years on, I have never lost a passion for working with words and pictures.

I established Nick Ball Design at the start of 2011, after 12 years working for design agencies, with only two aims; to support my family using the skills and talents I had developed and to create visually stunning, commercially successful design work. I have remained true to that vision, choosing projects with care and striving to exceed expectations.

I work closely with clients, drawing on their indepth understanding and passion for their business sector. Experience has taught me that design projects which inspire engagement and accellerate an organisations development are the result of shared ownership between designer and client, a defined business aspiration and a clear creative vision.

The moment within a project I cherish most is when a client begins to realise the full potential of the ideas we have developed. When they start to think beyond their initial vision and see a world of possibilities open up. I know at this point, when they have taken emotional ownership and fallen in love with the imagery we have created, that soon after their audience will follow.

Collaboration & Support

> Graphic Design / Branding    > Illustration    > Web Design / Build

In addition to graphic design and illustration services I offer a complete design and build service for websites including advice on functionality and optimisation. For larger, more technically intense digital projects I have support of several well established specialists. In addition I offer advice and guidance on social media to help clients develop their personal digital strategy and manage their online presence.

As well as working directly with clients, I offer creative support to marketing, public relations and design agencies. Either to expand their capacity, increase their offer or to add a fresh perspective.

For more details on collaborating with me to develop your own organisation or to discuss any aspect of an upcoming project please email me.